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Sunday services:

Christ sought out the broken, the lost, the poor, the sick, the lowly, the needy and the sinners.  

At ACC, all are welcome who intend to seek the Lord for redemption, and glorify the one who created and saved us all.  We are young; we are old; we are learning; we are wise; we are welcoming; we are rich; we are poor; we come from different backgrounds, from different nations, from different families but we hold one thing in common: we all seek God, who came to us in person as Christ, and who lives within us through the Holy Spirit forever.

Service times:

(Classes for all ages)

FELLOWSHIP TIME: 10 - 10:25am

WORSHIP SERVICE: 10:30 - 11:30am
***New Service Time***

(Services are also available to watch on Youtube by the following Wednesday)

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